• Street Fighter6:15
  • Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)7:26

                                                                       (60 minutes)

With Level-Up Cardio Kickboxing, you get the sweat filled workout of Kyokushin training in a fun and energetic atmosphere!  Let the electro remix sounds of your favorite 80's and 90's fighting games and movies (e.g., Street Fighter, Matrix) push you through this high-intensity body sculpting workout.  The class teaches real fighting footwork and striking combinations without the additional nonsense moves typically incorporated in cardio kickboxing workouts.  Everything you learn is useful to fighting.  Although every class is slightly different, the structure is typically: a very active 15 minute warm-up, a water break, a moderate to very active 15 minutes dedicated to proper fighting techniques (stance, footwork, punches, kicks, elbows, striking combinations), a water break, and then a highly active 20 minute finish involving many reps of striking combinations and muscle strengthening exercises.  Come experience the exhilaration of training like a Kyokushin fighter, but without the bumps and bruises.  All you need is a t-shirt and athletic shorts.  The workout is done barefoot on Dollamur FLEXI-Roll mats with the latest athletic foam technology.  CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR WORKOUT MUSIC TO THE RIGHT! It'll sound even better playing on our Premium Group Ex Sound System. 

Adults Karate Classes (60 minutes)

For ages 16 & up.  Class curriculum includes kihon (basic techniques), ido keiko (techniques while moving) kata (detailed choreographed patterns of movement), and full contact kumite (sparring/fighting).  During the first three stages of class, strikes to the face are practiced.  However, during kumite, punching to the face is prohibited because fighting is bare-knuckle. With that said, bare-knuckle punches to the body and kicks and knees to the head are perfectly fine.    

Kids Semi Contact Karate Classes (60 minutes)

The curriculum is more or less the same as the adults classes, but sparring is semi contact (i.e., sparring with protective gear) and the teaching style is geared towards children (positive reinforcement and rewarding is a top priority).​  Kids classes are for children age 6 & above.

Mixed Kids & Parents Karate Classes (60 minutes) 

Mas Oyama believed that students of all ages and levels should train together and that such training benefits everyone.  In Kyokushin, there is a sempai-kohai (senior-junior) system.  A kohai is expected to respect and obey his or her sempai, and a sempai in turn must set an example and help guide his or her kohai towards the proper way of doing things (e.g., techniques, dojo etiquette, etc).  The natural relationship between kids and adults/parents provides a great starting point for learning the sempai-kohai system that is essential to Kyokushin.  For this reason, all students are encouraged to join the mixed classes from time to time.  These classes can also be a great bonding experience between parent and child.  They are held twice a week: Wednesday and Saturday.